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Tennis Court Green 19mm


Court Turf Green 19mm is one of the best-selling tennis court turfs in Australia. It offers unsurpassed value for money and is aesthetically pleasing with a wide colour palette available. An all rounder, Court Turf is a multisport surface excellent for school and community courts. Court Turf is Australian made, using Australian yarn technology, designed for Australian conditions, requires minimal maintenance and can be installed over existing asphalt or concrete courts.

Q. Why would I choose Court Turf for our tennis club or my private court at home?

  • Excellent value for money
  • Comes in a variety of colours
  • Slip and glare resistant so you can play for longer without risking an injury
  • ITF Pace Rated
  • Made using proprietary PE Yarn, extruded in Australia to meet demanding Australian climatic conditions
  • COOLplus™ technology results in better player comfort and reduced need for irrigation!
  • Sourced from renewable resources and heavy metal free

  • Tennis Court Green
  • Tennis Court Green
  • Tennis Court Green