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Company statement Covid-19 Safe Practices

ASST are practicing good hand and general hygiene which is one of the most effective methods of slowing the spread of Covid-19. Our staff are also practicing recommended social distancing as suggested by Australian Health Authority.

ASST only use Australian made Synthetic Turfs and at present our stocks are not affected by Covid-19.

Supply and Installation

We are still quoting and business as usual but with the above health and safety measures in place. We can still do a measure and quote, with no physical contact if desired, we will also leave you samples, brochures and if you prefer we can go through the quote over the phone, email or in person whilst maintaining a distance of 1.5 meters where possible.

Do It Yourself

For supply only, this can be done by either visiting our showroom where we are practicing safe hygiene or by email/phone. If you provide us with a drawing and measurements, plus any additional information e.g. if you have Pets or children. We can make suggestions on which products are best for you (we can also post samples). A door to door freight service is also available, along with installation guides and all necessary

P-Off Infill For Pets and Cooling

You are welcome to come into the showroom to pick up your order or you can place your order online and we can arrange door to door freight delivery.

P-Off Bio – Enzymatic Turf Cleaner Deodorizer  FREE DELIVERY AUSTRALIA WIDE

For your convenience we are offering free personal delivery to our local Rockingham community, especially those unable to leave their residence. We are also offering free postage elsewhere in Australia. For those not able to walk your Pets, this will enable you to maintain a clean hygienic space for family and pets, it is economical too.

As an Australian family owned business we appreciate your ongoing support in these difficult times, as we work together to ensure our staff and customers continue to stay safe and healthy.

Perth contact details

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Melbourne contact details

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