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Product Features

Largest selection of artificial turf products

Newturf has the largest selection of branded artificial grass products, giving you the freedom to choose the right look for your landscape, that is virtually maintenance free. Not only will you have lower utility bills, you’ll have more free time.

The envy of the neighbourhood

While your neighbours are out pulling weeds, mowing the grass, baking in the hot sun, you will have your weekends back to enjoy the important things in life. Having the best lawn in the street was never this easy.

Save Water … Save Money

No matter how you look at it, keeping a healthy lawn costs money and time. Save over 50% reduction in residential water use.


Happier healthier kids. Allergies caused by natural grass are a thing of the past.

Reduced maintenance costs

Newturf substantially reduces maintenance costs associated with natural lawn care. Average return on investment is 2-3 years.

Healthy lush appearance all year

Beautiful green grass all year regardless of the climate that can be used immediately following heavy rains and high traffic areas.

Unlimited design possibilities

Use Newturf in many places natural grass may not be suited, including rooftops, indoors, steep slopes, heavily shaded areas or non-accessible areas.

Beautiful Green Grass

No more brown spots, no more holes to fill. No matter how many pets you have, with Newturf artificial grass your yard will always look fantastic.

Pets Stay Clean

Newturf Pet System keeps the dirt and mud off your pets no matter what the weather is like outside. No muddy paws means no mud tracked in the house. No more digging holes and getting dirt over the backyard.

Optimal Drainage

Let it rain! Water (or any other liquid) drains right through at a rate of 2000mm per hour. With no standing water, your pets will be able to use the area right after the rain.

Healthy environment, controls odors

Our Pet System provides an environment free of fleas, ticks and other pests as well as prevent growth of mold & bacteria. Our pet installations can include odor-reducing infill to control unpleasant pet waste and ammonia odors. It keeps the grass cool and won’t clog drainage or deteriorate your grass.

Safety built in

The soft padding is installed under the grass and will not be displaced even with high activity. No more cuts and bruises at the playground, Newturf is soft to touch and easy on the skin.

Newturf Sports products are engineered to absorb impact helping to prevent common athletic injuries. With additional shock absorbency, every athlete can train to perform at their best with decreased risk of injury.


Newturf Sports products are ideal for a range of multi-sports from strength and agility training, cross-Training, gym floors and weight lifting areas, to indoor and outdoor batting cages, soccer fields, tennis courts and more…

Custom colours

Newturf can provide a range of custom colours for artificial turf you your required needs and application.

Casual living space

Increase your leisure space by converting your unused areas into your own personal oasis. Our HeatBlock™ technology provides year-round enjoyment.

Entertainment value

Revamp your patio deck or terrace into an exciting entertainment area for guests, a recreational area for pets and children, or perhaps your own personal rooftop garden retreat.

Lighten the load

Newturf provides a lightweight alternative to other roof deck materials making it a perfect solution where weight is a factor.

Superior drainage

Newturf drains at a rate of 2000mm per hour. It’s always ready for play, even immediately after rain.

Easily replaceable TrampleZones™

Replace only the high-traffic zones without replacing the entire playground.

Guaranteed to perform

Athletes of every level can improve their skills and refining performance. Newturf Sports products are designed to be as tough as the athletes who train on them.

Manufacturer Backed Warranties

Newturf is the only vertically integrated manufacturer in the industry. We warranty every product we sell and every installation we put in the ground.