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How to reduce Urine smells from Synthetic Turf in Melbourne safely and economicaly

P-OFF  Infill For Pets and Cooling

P-OFF  Infill simply the best odour control for synthetic turf

We all love our pets and want them to be able to enjoy our shared space but ammonia produced by pet faeces and urine, can cause your synthetic turf to smell. This has put some people off from installing artificial grass, All Seasons Synthetic Turfs P-OFF Pet Infill, when installed on top of your new lawn will prevent the ammonia turning into gas which produces a nasty odour.


Smell Cleaner Stay fresher

Pet urine can build up in the sand infill and underneath in the cracker dust base, over time causing the gas from the ammonia to release in to the air and produce the strong smell of urine, if untreated.

The P-OFF Pet Infill will absorb the urine on contact, which means the ammonia will be absorbed and  not build up in the synthetic turf backing, sand infill or base material.


What is P-OFF   Infill

ASST’s P-OFF  Infill is a natural microporus, aluminosilicate mineral, commonly used as an absorbent. Formed from volcanic rocks, when ash layers react with alkaline water from the ground.

This mineral has many uses but has a particular affinity with ammonium, which makes it highly compatible with absorbing, pet urine on synthetic turf.


Available in 15kg bags


Reduce surface temperature of your synthetic turf


P-OFF Pet Infill absorbs and slowly releases moisture, so when hydrated will reduce the surface temperature of your lawn over a few days until re-hydrated.



Where can it be used

  • Synthetic turf Pet areas
  • Dog runs
  • Playgrounds
  • Sports fields
  • Community communal areas
  • Balcony’s
  • Anywhere where you have synthetic lawn




  • Absorbs and breaks down odour causing ammonia from pet urine and faeces
  • Prevents odour build up form pet urine on synthetic turf
  • Maintain a cooler surface temperature on your synthetic turf
  • Australian made and environmentally friendly
  • Non Toxic
  • Helps grass blades stand up
  • Protects the turfs triple reinforced backing
  • Keeps your lawn smelling fresh and clean
  • Remains porous even after years of use
  • Can be used as a kitty litter if you have cats



Easy Application


P-OFF   Infill replaces the usual sand infill installed on top of your synthetic turf. It is best installed at the initial synthetic turf installation but can be installed on an existing lawn. Your P-OFF Pet Infill will not need to be replaced and is safe for your children and your pets.

  • Install your synthetic turf as per our installation guide
  • Either with a sand spreader or by hand, install the P-OFF  Infill by spreading evenly on your synthetic lawn


For those who do not want P-OFF Pet Infill, we have an economical liquid version that can be used on any porous surface, you can even use it indoors on tiles.


This is a liquid concentrate to be used in conjunction with P-Off Odour Absorbing infill or on its own.




Synthetic lawn, A kennel, dog run or play area surface can be made up of a variety of complex textures, cracks and crevices, becoming a magnet for soils. This is a perfect environment for the “HOST”, or odor and disease causing microorganisms to migrate and multiply. Soiled turf, concrete and other porous surfaces invite a multitude of negative impressions related to cleanliness, hygiene and safety.


Product Benefits

  • Degrades odour and disease causing organic matter (The Host).
  • Provides residual odour control for long lasting results.
  • Reduces plumbing costs through beneficial floor drain treatment.
  • 100% nontoxic and nonhazardous

  • No costly equipment to setup
  • Easy to understand and use
  • Single handed operation
  • Quick results, no waiting overnight


    • Benefits:

    • Maintains a cleaner, healthier artificial grass with less effort
    • Reduced plumbing costs through beneficial floor drain treatment
    • Provides residual odour control for long lasting effects
    • 100% non-toxic and non-hazardous


    Residential or Commercial Synthetic turf installations

    Outdoor and indoor floor surfaces

    • Commercial Kennels
    • Animal Hospitals
    • Stables
    • Pet Grooming Shops
    • Animal Transport Vehicles
    • Zoos & Animal Parks
    • Poultry Farms
    • Pig Farms
    • Dairy Farms
    • Livestock Facilities

    We also have a ready diluted spray bottle for indoors or small areas

    Who Done It?” Odour Remover

    Who Done It?All Natural Pet Stain & Odour Eliminator – A natural, enzymatic based solution for the fast and effective removal of pet stains and odours. – Doesn’t mask the odour, it eliminates them completely. – Will remove unsightly stains “And They Won’t Come Back”! The enzymatic solution, when applied liberally to the surface, immediately starts to seek out and breakdown organic matter. The solution will continue to travel through and absorb into the fiber, the base and then into the sub-floor surface. Once the organic matter is broken down, it detaches from the fiber and base and is easily removed when manually or mechanically extracted. The enzymatic solution will continue to be active until all the organic matter has been neutralized. This will minimize the chance for fiber wick-back, the cause of reappearing stains.












Pour between 120ml to 240ml in to a pump spray bottle, add 4 litres of water to mix. Or if using our new Spray Gun Applicator, then fill the bottle with       P-OFF, attach to your hose and have the nozzle set to number 3. Turn on the hose and spray the area, rinse after 3-5 mins



Pick up any dog waste


Spray the synthetic turf, then agitate if needed, leave for a maximum of 5 minutes then rinse thoroughly to ensure the solution gets under the turf and the substrate, where it will keep working.



Your pets and family can now enjoy there fresh clean artificial grass in confidence with no odours or waste matter.


Available sizes P-OFF


2 Litre

4 Litre 

Foam Gun


Foam Gun $22.50

Available sizes Who Done it ?






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