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P-Off Infill

P-Off™ Infill for Pets is a natural mineral infill, which is installed on top of your new lawn replacing sand infill. The ammonia from pets urine can produce a foul-smelling gas, which results in a nasty odour. This will ensure you have a pleasant-smelling garden all year-round.

We recommend a minimum of 7kg of P-Off Infill per SQM of turf.

We all love our pets and want them to be able to enjoy our shared space, but ammonia produced by pet urine can cause your synthetic turf to smell. This has put some people off from installing artificial grass. Pet urine can build up in the sand infill and underneath in the cracker dust base over time causing the gas from the ammonia to release into the air and produce the strong smell of urine, if untreated. The P-OFF™ Pet Infill will absorb the urine on contact, which means the ammonia will be absorbed and not build-up in the synthetic turf backing, sand infill or base material.

We highly recommend choosing P-Off Infill for Pets along with our Silverback Lawn for optimum, long-lasting results.

Q. What is P-Off™ Infill for Pets made of?

  • Our Infill is 100% natural mineral mined and manufactured in Australia
  • It is derived from one of the oldest natural mineral deposits in the world
  • This natural mineral is commonly used as an absorbent and is formed from volcanic rocks, when ash layers react with alkaline water from the ground.
  • This mineral has many uses but has a particular affinity with ammonium, which makes it highly compatible with absorbing pet urine on synthetic turf.
  • Approved for use on all types of synthetic turf
  • Approved by Silverback Lawns™
  • Doesn’t break down over time, so only one application is needed
  • Safe for pets and children and environmentally friendly