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Basketball Key Kits

Designed to make it as easy as possible for the home DIYer and tradesman alike, the Newturf  Alley Oop basketball key kits come ready to lay. Requiring minimal cutting, the kits are available in either red or blue with the white line already in place on the sides of the key area.

You will need to insert the “free throw line” and the outer line around the ‘D’, but even this has been made easy.

Alley Oop Kit

RRP: $775
Infill Price: $225
• 7m x 3.71m of coloured “court turf” – this is enough to cover the “d” and another 5.2m of key.
• silica sand infill 25 x 25KG bags (optional)

Key Surrounds Kit

RRP: $2500

This kit will cover an area 7m wide x 8m long
• 1 x Alley Oop kit
• 12 l/m x Court Turf (green) – this is used on the “surrounds” of the key.
• 2 x rolls of Qualtape (joining tape)
• 50 x 25KG bags of silica infill
• 1 x 4lt exterior grade glue ( if laid over concrete to stick the edges of the court down) *** this is optional
• 1 x cutting knife
• 1 x notched trowel

Alley Oop Installation Video

Installation Instructions

The Alley Oop kit comes with 2 white lines down one side and one line down the other. The extra outer line needs to be cut off. This is used to mark the ‘free throw’ line and the outer edge of the ‘d’.  The lines were you need to cut are marked on the back of the turf.

Once this is laid out and joined in place the outer green grass can be installed. Firstly cut two x 3m lengths these are installed at the ‘d’ end of the court. You will be left with a run of grass 6m long. This is then cut in half running up the middle of the grass. Simply find the approximate middle and cut along a rib. **DO NOT CUT ACROSS THE GRASS HERE.
Now you should be ready to lay all the green surrounds. Simply put in place, you will need to trim in around the half circle, this requires a little patience. You should now have all four pieces of green grass in position and ready to join to the key with the qualtape.

When you have finished joining all the seems you can trim off any remaining grass.

Finally you are ready to sand the court. Make sure that the grass and sand are dry when doing this. Also it is very important to spread the sand evenly, use a drop spreader or drill holes in a bucket and fill with sand. Broom the sand in with a stiff yard broom or hire a mechanical groomer.

When finished you will most likely have a very sandy surface, this is perfect and the sand will keep filling the grass with use making a hard firm base.