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Olympia COOLplus


Olympia COOLplus™ Hockey Green 13mm is All Seasons Synthetic Turf”s recommended surface for both elite professional and club hockey. Designed for player comfort and fast moving playability, COOLplus™ Hockey offers reduced irrigation requirements, exhibits high UV stability and playability from the exclusive fibrillated yarn, meaning fast moving play and precise ball movements. COOLplus™ Hockey is environmentally friendly and made using sustainable products.

Q. What makes COOLplus™ Hockey suitable for our club hockey pitches?

  • Meets all the requirements of the International Hockey Federation(FIH) and has ISO 9001 certification
  • Highest possible UV stability, a proven international playing surface to Olympic level
  • Made using proprietary Infrared-reflective COOLplus™ sports yarn technology
  • Proven force reduction which evaluates a surface’s ability to reduce impact on lower extremities
  • Soft and resilient yarn
  • COOLplus™ Hockey Green is Australian made with exclusive texturised monofilament fibres

Q. What makes COOLplus™ Hockey environmentally friendly?

  • Contains recycled rubber which has been washed and prepared for use
  • Is heavy metal free, which means it is extremely safe to play on
  • Materials sourced from sustainable products

  • Olympia COOLplus
  • Olympia COOLplus
  • Olympia COOLplus