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Olympia COOLplus Tokyo Blue


Tokyo 2020 COOLplus™ Hockey Blue 13mm is All Seasons Synthetic Turf’s recommended surface for both elite professional and club hockey. Designed for player comfort and fast moving playability, COOLplus™ Hockey Blue offers a high level of comfort and reduced irrigation requirements, exhibits high UV stability and playability from the exclusive fibrillated yarn. The superior surface translates to fast moving styles of play and precise ball movements. Environmentally friendly, COOLplus™ Hockey Blue is made using sustainable products. The colour Tokyo Blue was seen at the Olympic Games with the bright pink border.

Q. What makes COOLplus™ Hockey Blue suitable for our club hockey pitch?

  • Meets all requirements of the International Hockey Federation(FIH) and has ISO 9001 certification
  • Highest possible UV stability, a proven international playing surface to Olympic level
  • Made using proprietary infrared-reflective COOLplus™ sports yarn technology
  • Proven force reduction which evaluates a surface’s ability to reduce impact on lower extremities
  • Soft and resilient yarn
  • COOLplus™ Hockey Blue is Australian made with exclusive texturised monofilament fibres

Q. What makes COOLplus™ Hockey Blue environmentally friendly?

  • Contains recycled rubber which has been washed and prepared for use
  • Is heavy metal free, which means it is extremely safe to play on
  • Materials sourced from sustainable products

  • Olympia COOLplus Tokyo Blue
  • Olympia COOLplus Tokyo Blue
  • Olympia COOLplus Tokyo Blue