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Classic 45


Classic 45 is a multi-coloured 45mm soft to touch grass yarn made with entanglement and COOLplus yarn Technology. This high-weight landscaping synthetic lawn with multi green yarn is intertwined with natural thatch colours which provides you with a very real finish. Very soft underfoot for added luxurious comfort, Classic 45 is recommended for residential front and rear gardens, pool and play areas, balconies, verges, showrooms and commercial areas.

Q. What are the features and benefits of Classic 45?

  • Combines multi-coloured 45mm yarn with polypropylene thatch
  • Yarn colours are a natural, olive, green & fawn
  • Made with COOLplus yarn technology
  • Creates a soft touch high weight landscaping solution
  • Roll widths are 3.71m wide
  • Fire Rating AS/ISO 9239.1-2003
  • Made in Australia from Australian made yarn.

  • Classic 45
  • Classic 45
  • Classic 45