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Butyl Joining Tape

All Seasons Synthetic Turf’s Butyl Joining Tape comes in 5m, 15m and 40m rolls. This all-purpose joining tape provides a waterproof solution for securely joining synthetic turf. Butyl tape has a high flexibility, a strong permanent tack and its integrity is retained over a wide temperature range. Our Butyl tape is 200mm wide, which gives a wider sticking surface area. Easy to use, just place the silver backing over the base with the white split side facing up.

Q. Why is Butyl tape easier to use than cloth and glue?

  • Easy application, no pre-heating or spreading glue on to a joining cloth (extremely messy)
  • Butyl tape is waterproof and has no curing or pre-heating time
  • Butyl tape is UV resistant, so perfect for our hot climate
  • Butyl tape is non-toxic and environmentally friendly with no volatile organic matter
  • Requires no special equipment to install

  • Butyl Joining Tape