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The Resurgent Interest In Synthetic Grass

Grass makes up a very large proportion of most people’s gardens and as such, consideration needs to be made as to whether you stick with real grass or look to install artificial grass.

Both have their advantages but our statistics show that lately, a greater proportion of homeowners are turning to grass’s synthetic counterpart. Since October 2012, Newturf have referred over 300 new installation enquiries to partners around Melbourne and Victoria.

And it’s not just families that are seeing the benefits of artifical grass. Installations for sports clubs and schools are also increasing.

So what exactly are the advantages of synthetic turf?

1. Very low maintenance

Unlike regular grass, artificial grass does not need to be mown, watered, weeded or fertilised. You can simply sit back and enjoy the product, with only occassional vaccuming or washing down with a hose required. It also has a better effect on the environment as you’re not using fertilisers to keep the grass healthy, or petrol to power the lawn mower.

2. Cheaper ongoing costs

Because of the low maintenance involved, you save money that would otherwise be spent caring for a real lawn. Synthetic grasses do not wear out, so once you make the initial purchase, there is little to no investment needed.

3. Less mess

Artificial lawns produce less dust and are not susceptible to problems such as divots and rocks. Plus if it rains, you do not have to worry about mud.

In cold weather, you are less likely to injure yourself on artificial grass. And in summer, many brands are 20% cooler, which is better on your feet. These factors are particular important if you have young kids that like to play outside.

With all these benefits, it is no surprise that synthetic grass is making a resurgence in residential homes. And with longer, dryer summers, it stands to reason that sporting clubs are turning to artificial turf for their ovals, pitches, playgrounds and courts.

If you’re interested in making the investment, Newturf can show you around the showroom, and find the best style that will suit your home perfectly. And with stockists all over Victoria and throughout Australia, you can easily get started, no matter where you live.