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An Installation of Heritage Significance

We recently supplied our Tru Lawn Cool Plus to a home in St Kilda, a task that wouldn’t normally be considered newsworthy. However the house receiving our products proved to be quite unique, and on closer inspection down right fascinating! In fact people have flown over from around the country just to take a look.

The dwelling in question, home to David Saunders and his wife and 2 children, has been renovated almost entirely from recycled materials. It has undergone extensive renovation with many alterations between 2009 and 2013 and is a heritage significant Victorian building.

The house is built predominantly with recycled materials including timber, plastic and steel, using only natural finishes and incorporating ancient principles of passive heating, cooling and ventilation techniques. It was no surprise that they chose Newturf’s world first synthetic grass made partially from recycled plastic drink bottles to integrate into their flooring.

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David is the director of S2 Design, an architectural practice that incorporates environmentally sustainable design aimed at reducing our reliance on natural resources, minimising energy consumption and improving the health of the occupants. Their works are contemporary, inspired by the natural environment, showcasing amazing attention to detail and using space and the principles of Feng Shui with great effect.

Labels such as “eco-house” do not interest S2 design, who believes too many buildings are becoming promoted using these tags, when they really shouldn’t be. But if any place truly is deserving of an ‘environmentally friendly’ label, it’s his.

For more information on his one of a kind house, or to find out about their architectural services, visit