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Puppy Training Kit

Toilet training your puppy can be a ‘messy’ task, our pet potty trainer is your answer. It lets your pet do his or her “business” indoors.
Our pet potty trainer resembles a patch of grass to entice dogs to “go” upon it. As this becomes the preferred toileting spot you move the potty trainer toward an exit door or ‘doggy door’. Then when deemed appropriate take the potty trainer outside.
Hopefully the habit to use the potty trainer is such that your pet will simply go outside to use the matt. Then it is simply a case of removing the potty trainer altogether, or just keep using it outdoors.
The supplied “smellBgone” is a Nontoxic, biodegradable, enzyme-based liquid which can be sprayed on the grass to break down bacteria and organic compounds for proper sanitation. Apply as necessary or when an odour is present.

Kit Includes:
1 x Potty Trainer Synthetic Grass Matt 800mm x800mm
1 x RTU bottle of smellBgone deodoriser/eliminator


  • Puppy training kit
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  • smellBgone