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Why Newturf?

Newturf is an Australian owned family run business that has been operating in the synthetic grass industry since 1999. We have a reputation for quality products and quality service, and believe that you the customer are our greatest asset.

In recent years, yes…but only if you buy quality. The Australian synthetic grass market has plenty of cheaper lines imported from China that are cheap for a reason and tend to look fake. There are high quality locally made lines available, and our exclusive lines certainly qualify as that.

No. Some lower quality synthetic grass can get quite warm on a hot day, but Newturf has an exclusively produced “cool yarn” which is 20% cooler than other yarns on the Australian market. As you can see by this graph, on a 40 degree day our cool yarn range is about as hot as a live tree trunk or dry grass on a sports field.temperature-graph

All of our synthetic grass lines are made in Melbourne. Based on almost two decades of experience and customer feedback, we design our own exclusive synthetic grass lines in conjunction with our manufacturer. This gives us a unique ability to maintain a hands-on approach in the quality control of our product.

Absolutely. Newturf is designed to Australian manufacturing standards and is 100% child and pet friendly. Newturf has been installed in several dozen child care centres and schools, and it’s even stood up to about 50 dogs a day for the last 5 years in the play area at the North Melbourne Lost Dogs home.

Yes. Newturf grass lines have specially designed drainage holes to ensure water drains as efficiently as natural grass. If drainage isn’t an issue now, it certainly won’t become one when the synthetic grass is installed.

Very little. Simply use a plastic rake occasionally to stimulate the fibres. Remove any large debri such as sticks and weeds. A little maintenance occasionally will keep your lawn looking like new.

No. All Newturf grass lines are UV stabilized and manufactured to the highest standards. If you’re looking for a hardy synthetic grass designed specifically to stand up to tough Aussie conditions, Newturf is for you.

Newturf lawn grass lines come with an 8 year Australian manufacturer’s warranty. The life expectancy of Newturf synthetic lawns is 20 years.

Most spills even paint can be wiped off. We have never had any issues with pool chlorine etc. Damage can usually be repaired quite simply.

Not at all, the majority of people using synthetic grass have either pets or kids or both. Pet urine will simply drain through the surface, faeces can simply be removed as the grass won’t absorb anything. In the rare case if an odour builds up simply use a 50/50 mixture of vinegar and warm water to douse the area or one of our deodorising products.

Yes. All we need are a few simple details, and we’ll have one of our qualified installers call and make a time that suits you.

Yes. In most circumstances installing Newturf is fairly simple, and our friendly staff is always happy to share their expert advice and answer any questions you may have.

If you have natural grass or dirt, usually a compacted crushed rock base is the best option. If you have an existing paved or concrete base, the grass can be laid straight onto that too. In most cases any existing hard, flat surface can be utilised as a base.

Newturf uses a fine grade of kiln dried silica sand. We’ve found this is the infill that provides the best finish allowing water to drain freely through the surface. Cheaper ‘washed sand’ is not ideal.

The infill plays two roles. Firstly it weighs the grass down. Secondly it provides support to the yarn, which helps the yarn stay upright. Without infill the yarn will lie flat and look fake.

No. The fine sand will settle at the bottom of the sub pile, will not be visible on the surface, and will not come out or be spread around via your shoes or feet. Once the sand is brushed in, you won’t see it again.